Tommy Manzella went 2 for 4, but stranded 2.Pedro Feliz hit a 2 run homer offn the LF wall just under the tracks

Bourn got a walk, a single, and hit into his first GIDP in 2 years (a 4-3 tag the runner.) Tommy Manzella went 2 for 4, but stranded 2.Pedro Feliz hit a 2 run homer offn the LF wall just under the tracks.Even Cory Sullivan got into the act, getting a walk and a replica Longines L25010932 Ladie's watch single on Carlos Lee needs a rest night.But the best news was Pence he hit 2 balls really well, not swinging at crap or getting luck dribblers or poking an outside 3-0 pitch past someone.He hit a double to the LF corner that scored 2 runs and also, he hit a solid single up the middle.

He struck out waving at 2 FB from some reliever.He IS getting on base 3 walks last night, a single and a HBP tonight, but hey, this is NOT Adam Everett we are talking about.Adam, by the way, has been on base every single game he’s played this year.His replica A Lange & Sohne 130.025 Men's watch average, on base AND slugging are higher than Lance’s so far.Lance is 6 fer 32 with a homer and 5 singles.He strikes out 1 out of every 3 PA.That is one SERIOUS slump.sighNEWS: Jason Jennings is going on the 15 day DL with a, um, sore arm.The MRI showed no structural damage (translation they don’t see a broke bone, a torn tendon, a swollen anything or an impinged something.)

Can he?According to ESPN, he IS better against lefties unusual for a rightie pitchervs AVG OBP SLG OPSRight 303 351 462 813Left 256 311 440 752Not the best, but better than Gallo, believe it or not (286 367 885) last year.We ALREADY have 2 lefties who pinch hit, Lamb and Palmeiro, so we don't need another one.BUT, this is baseball, so you never replica Bedat 314.031.100 Ladie's watch know……..Game time 4 PM, Juice Box maybe 1 3 full sure different from last year -no Barry?! But this is a GREAT time to take 2 little kids right after nap and snack, back in time for late dinner and PLENTY of room for them to, uh, squirm…

Anyone who thinks catchers are totally interchangeable except for the BA are just wrong

Quintero is no Ausmus behind the plate.Anyone who thinks catchers are totally interchangeable except for the BA are just wrong.Jason Lane hit a 3 run homer and drove in another run with a GB out.Pretty good day, except for the brain fart not replica A Lange & Sohne 404.035 Men's watch throwing to the cutoff guy.Naturally, Biggio played the whole game.His arm is so weak that he is not turning most DPs of the 6-4-3 and the 5-4-3 persuasion unless the runner is very slow.This is not called “errors” but it DOES lead to more runs scored.But to me, the real story is and I feel like the kid with the emperor’s clothing Lance Berkman is not hitting.

He FINALLY made the majors with the Brewers as a relief pitcher AND pinch hitter in 2003 70 AB with 1 double, 7 HR, 6 BB: 13 K, .300 BA, . replica Bedat 334.011.301 Ladie's watch, .614 SLG and .969 OPS.He also pitched in 42 games, 53 IP, went 1 and 1 for a 5.26 ERA, 1.49 WHIP, finished (mopped up) 15 games, gave up 5 HR, 13 BB : 39 K (not bad at ALL) and had a 6.69 K 9 IP.This is called a twofer a pinch hitter and a mopup guy for the price of ONE player.

GREAT idea if it works, and it did.Last year, he wasn't quite as good, still cheap, 32 G, 43 IP with a 3.77 ERA, 1.33 WHIP, replica Bedat 314.010.100 Ladie's watch IP and 5.86K 9 IP (both a little higher.) As a pinch hitter, he appeared in 75G with 63AB, 3 doubles, 1HR, 5BB, 16 K, 3 GIDP for a .270 BA, .324 OBP, .365 SLG (6 fewer homers made ALL the difference) and a 689 OPS.Can we use him in the bigs (we SURE can use him in A)? Well, we actually NEED a lefty (we have John Franco, yecccccccch) or at LEAST, someone who can get lefties out.

Who else -Jacob Cruz 3 fer 12 with 1 HR and 7 KJavier Valentin 3 fer 12 with 1 HR

Ken Griffey did well against Roger when they were both in the AL, (27 fer 78 with 7 doubles, 6 HR, 12 BB, 13 K) but 5 years have passed, so we'll have to see…Who else -Jacob Cruz 3 fer 12 with 1 HR and 7 KJavier Valentin 3 fer 12 with 1 HR, no BB and 2 KDangelo Jiminez 2 fer 10 with 2 BB and 3 KRich Aurelia 2 fer 7 with a 2B, no replica Bedat 304.051.109 Ladie's watch, no KAustin Kearns 1 fer 5 with 1 BB and 2 KFelipe Lopez 2 fer 10 with a 2B, 2 BB and 5 KWily Mo Pena has never faced Clemens.So, there you have it.The juice box will be jam packed tonight it ALWAYS is when Roger pitches, and I'm SURE he will be better than he was during spring training…

The Stros signed homeboy Brooks Kieschnick RHP, LHB (too bad it ain't the other way round) to a minor league contract today, so he'll be playing for A Round Rock, just about 20 miles from University of Texas, where he was a HUGE star and was a 1 draft pick in 1993.I'm sure yall know his story he was a fantastic baseball player who could replica Bedat 384.051.600 Ladie's watch hit and pitch, and was a All-American pitching star for the Longhorns, but the Cubs, who drafted him, had him spend his first 7 years hitting.He didn't get to the majors to stay, not sure why, but he started pitching again in 1999.

Girardi was watching him like a hawk, talking about how he has to keep his arm angle perfect of the slider doesn’t.He ALSO said what I’ve been saying, that the first few years, that hitters swing at LOTS of pitches he threw that were not strikes and that as they adjusted, he had trouble.He ALSO said that Lidge had had mechanical problems replica A Lange & Sohne 307.026 Men's watch way before the infamous homer.Either dude is pretty darn smart or he’s been reading my blog.This is the series of infield hits, broken bat hits and bizarre bloops.And walks, lots of em.Bad fielding them, too.

Biggio and Jason Lane and Palmeiro managed one hit apiece

Biggio and Jason Lane and Palmeiro managed one hit apiece.( In fact, it was the first good game he had pitched all year he had started the year in the rotation, sucked, been put in the bullpen, lowered his ERA from 7.48 to 5.32, and had been given a second chance in the rotation…) Mike Lamb, formerly of the Rangers, has seen him the replica Bedat 314.300.800 Ladie's watch most and is 4 (3 singles and a 2B) fer 21 with no BB and a K.Viz, formerly of the Yankees, is 2 fer 9 with 1 BB and no K.Conventional Wisdom says that pitchers have the advantage facing players who don't know them.At least the FIRST time through the lineup…And yes, though Roger is facing Ortiz, he is facing the Reds, not the Angels.Is Roger gonna be happy to see the Reds?

He lasted through 5.1 innings and 105 pitches.Even if the home plate ump had called Biggio safe, which he clearly was, we still played lousy.Mo Ensberg had another error this one he did a Lance Berkman and forgot how many outs there were replica A Lange & Sohne 315.033 Men's watch Brennaman thought he made an error in judgement, thinking the ball would fall in, but you could see that he didn’t even look to see where the ball fell, he just ran.Trever Miller pitched lousy.AGAIN.He couldn’t get any hitter out.Lidge came in, got a broken bat single to left, walked a guy, then got the third out.

But at least Florie didn't have any brain damage and I pray that poor Chris doesn't either.After the game, Number 2 son asked me Mami, how come he didn't catch the ball? I told him it came back too fast and he didn't have time.So he said Lance didn't do it on purpose, did he? I said no, he just hit the ball, he doesn't know exactly where it is going to go replica Longines L4. Ladie's watch heck, he doesn't even know IF he'll hit it when he swings.He thought about that.Then he said, he's gonna have a BAD headache.And I said he surely will.And with any luck, that will be ALL he has wrong…Anyway, to better news, every hitter in the lineup got a hit, even Wandy, who beat out a bunt and singled.


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